Unlimited Wireless Broadband

Unlimited wireless broadband is a reliable Internet connection without the need for a cable installation, with speeds of up to 200 Mbps.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions and answers about wireless broadband; what it is, how it differs from a cellular data connection and how it works.
Unlimited wireless broadband is a reliable Internet connection without the need for a cable installation, with speeds of up to 200 Mbps.
Unlimted wireless broadband is a great alternative when you cannot get a fiber cable connection installed in your property. Wireless broadband is, under optimal conditions, comparable to cable fiber both in delay and stability.
No. Our wireless broadband internet service is more comparable to cable fiber, with a very stable connection, high speed and low response times. It is a completely different radio technology that is not comparable to cellular data networks. And unlike most mobile data providers, our subscribtion comes with unlimited data.

We have measured in several areasand list the results below:


In Grillby
Grillbyängen – 320 Mbps

In the outskirts of Sörskog - 300 Mbps

Residencial area west of Nordiahallen - 250 Mbps
Residencial area east of Nordiahallen - 250-300 Mbps
Residencial area below the sile - 300 Mbps

The Villberg area
Edsta – 250Mb/s
Kårsta – 150-200Mb/s
Säby – 50-130Mb/s
Bäddarö – 50-120Mb/s
Rösta – 200Mb/s
Enhälja – 100Mb/s
Långarnö – 100Mb/s
Ågesta – 300Mb/s
Råby – 200Mb/s

The Boklösa area

The equipment and a simple installation are included in the monthly rate.
This is because we do not charge an installation fee and must be able to cover the equipment and installation costs.
Then you can choose to buy the equipment and pay for the installation.

It depends on how you use the internet. For aexample, if you mostly just watch TV or stream movies, check your e-mail and do internet banking, 10 Mbps is usually enough. 


The next level of 25 Mbps is needed if you are watching 4K / UHD (ultra HD) and someone in the household is gaming online simultaneously and do not want it to be disturbed by the TV streaming.


50 Mbps is needed for the slightly larger family who simultaneously streams / watches TV or Youtube and similar on several devices while some are gaming online.

Higher speeds are usually companies or "heavy" internet users.

No, there is no start-up fee for a regular installation.
The technology is based on customized frequencies and equipment that is optimized for static installations on houses. This leads to a high speed as well as a stable and low response time. As there are no mobile phones or other equipment on the same frequencies that interfere, this will give you a fiber-like experience.
You contact the provider you would like to choose and order the desired subscription through them. We are happy to assist with recommendations.
Through antennas placed on top of Grillby silo, we get fantastic coverage in the Grillby area.
If you have an agreement with supplier for fibre cable where you have not yet received the promised service, we may be able to help you! Contact us for more information.
Do you have fiber from another supplier but want to know more about what we can offer? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
If you are an association or a group of properties and are interested in group subscriptions, contact us to discuss solutions.

Contact us for customized business solutions!


Quoted prices are for the currect coverage area. For other areas where further expansion is required, a different price list may apply.


199 kr per month
  • Up to 10 Mbps
  • Minimum 2 years


349 kr per month
  • Up to 25 Mbps
  • Minimum 2 years


499 kr per month
  • Up to 50 Mbps
  • Minimum 2 years


Request proposal
  • 75 Mbps and up
  • Only available in certain areas. Please contact us for more info.

Please contact me for more info

When you fill out this form, a technician from West Digital Management will contact you and answer any questions and concerns you may have, as well as book an appointment for a test measurement from your property. Both the consultation and test measurement are completely free of charge and as a customer you do not commit to any agreement at this point. We first want to check that the signal to your property is strong enough so that we can deliver what we promise.

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