About Us

West Digital Management AB is an internet provider andmanaged service partnerin the Enköping region, focusing on both the private and corporate markets.
With our own data center in a former bank vault, we can guarantee a high security rating in all our commitments.

Your connection and operation will remain stable and secured in all environments. We have a total focus on security and transparency, and we encourage all our customers to both contact and visit us for a unique, genuine, and personal handling.

Your opinion and our support are incredibly important for a stable and rewarding future together. We are passionate about GDPR and everyone's rights.

That is why we offer as high a degree of transparency as possible in combination with a security rating that is otherwise very unusual on the market.

Our location is close to you.

Our primary business area is Enköping, Uppsala, Västerås and Stockholm in Sweden. You are always welcome to stop by our office for a cup of coffee!

Service Partner

We offer managed service partnership on premise in our own data center and remote locations, as well as in the cloud. Always with safety in focus.


Regardless of whether your IT operations are with us or remotely in a different location, we can offer knowledgeable technical support.


With us, you always have access to expert skills and consultants, both for shorter projects as well as longer assignments.


Internet service provider in the Enköping region, both broadband through fiber as well as unlimited wireless broadband, for both businesses and consumers.